Dr. Lloyd G. Adu Amoah

IIAS Fellows

Dr. Lloyd G. Adu Amoah is the Director of the Centre for Asian Studies, University of Ghana and the founder and executive director of the think-tank Strategy3(Accra, Ghana). Lloyd holds a Ph.D from one of China’s most prestigious universities, Wuhan University and speaks Mandarin. He has also travelled extensively through China. His research interests which are diverse and multi-disciplinary focus on public policy formation and development in developing polities; Africa-BRICS relations; public administration and philosophy among others. Lloyd’s work has appeared in Administrative Theory and Praxis, Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Journal of African Affairs and the Ghana Policy Journal among others. A freelance journalist and photographer he has published on Africa-China relations in the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) Focus on Africa magazine, Jeune Afrique’s The Africa Report, Third World Network’s African Agenda magazine and other local and international publications; his views on Africa-China relations have also been sought by the BBC World Service (World Today, Network Africa and Mandarin Service) and other local and international media outlets. His latest work is: ‘Public Policy Formation in Africa in the Wake of the Global financial Meltdown: Building Blocks for a New Mind in a Multi-polar World’, in Dietz. T. et al (eds.) African Engagements: Africa Engaging an Emerging Multipolar World (Brill 2011). Dr. Amoah is a fellow of the International Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS), Accra, Ghana and the African Studies Centre, Leiden, Netherlands.


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