IIAS Facilities and Services

IIAS Facilities and Services

  • IIAS provides an umbrella for research projects that intersect with the larger intellectual agenda of the institute. For these research projects, the institute can host workshops; providing the venue, publicity, catering services and other relevant services.
  • IIAS can facilitate visa on arrival for scholars who come from countries without Ghanaian consulate.
  • IIAS offers letters of introduction to the Ghana Immigration Service to enable visiting scholars renew their visas or apply for resident permit.
  • IIAS also provides visiting scholars with letters of introduction to institutions, departments, and institutes of the University of Ghana.
  • Visiting scholars have access to a shared office space, get administrative support such as printing reasonable number of pages, among others from IIAS staff.
  • Visiting scholars also get the opportunity to give a seminar at IIAS Seminar room which seats 40 people comfortably or the auditorium which seats 80 people.
  • ¬†IIAS introduces visiting scholars to the University of Ghana Balme library as well as the departmental libraries.


  • Graduate students/Junior Research Scholars from US/European institutions US$200
  • Graduate students/Junior Research Scholars from African Institutions US$100.
  • Faculty and Independent researchers from US/Europe US$400
  • Faculty and Independent researchers based in Africa US$200.

NB.: Affiliation fees are paid on arrival at the Institute

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